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Make chocolates yourself: the perfect gift

Make chocolates for every occasion

Of course, you can buy chocolates, but if you want to give someone a special pleasure, it's much better if you make chocolates yourself. It distinguishes between chocolates in Molded chocolates, cut chocolates, truffles Y stuffed chocolates,

We will show you how to make these different chocolates and, for example, make them Mother's Day can give away You see: making chocolates is fun!

Make shaped chocolates yourself

Shape chocolates can take almost any shape you want to give away. Whether they are simple shapes, such as hearts, flowers or stars, or rather complex structures, such as cars, mouths of kisses or animals, with the appropriate form of praline can chocolates Do it yourself in all its forms.

That's how:

  1. The molds are filled with tempered chocolate.
  2. the Clean the excess chocolate and gently shake the mold.so that there are no air bubbles in the chocolates.
  3. You can then let the shaped chocolates cool to around 8 to 10 degrees.
  4. If they are really firm, you can gently remove them from the mold and pack them as a gift.

Make chocolates yourself

Make chocolates yourself: how it works

Cut chocolates, like ours cold dog chocolates or the ginger chocolates, follow a completely different pattern. To make these chocolates yourself, first prepare the filling, which is then dipped in liquid chocolate. That is why these sweets are often called scuba chocolates. It is important that the filling is firm and cannot leak. The taste you prefer, of course, is up to you.

That's how:

  1. Let the filling cool down about 1 cm and then evenly cover the bottom of the dough with chocolate.
  2. Let it cool again and cut the chocolates of the desired size of the mixture.
  3. Individual chocolates are filled with the help of a fork chocolates (3-pointed fork made of thin and resistant wire, with which chocolates can be dipped in a layer of liquid chocolate without the chocolate accumulating on the tips) they are immersed in liquid chocolate to obtain a uniform layer.
  4. Pick up the homemade chocolates with a fork and then beat them carefully so that the air bubbles disappear.

Now you can put the chocolates in sandwich paper and decorate them as you want. Sugar pearls are available for this, but also chocolate coating, flowers and letters.

It will be particularly noble if you have yours Cut chocolates decorated with chocolate paper, Warning: has an edible motive, remove the remaining film. Wrap well and give.

Make truffle chocolates yourself

Make chocolates yourself: the perfect gift

Of course, you can also make truffles yourself. Usually, they are made with hollow bodies. These include, for example, ours Rumtrüffel or the truffle surprise,

The special thing about it: you put the truffle dough (usually called canache or ganache) in a round and preformed shape. This is how truffles look pretty and uniform at the end. If you make them yourself at home, you will usually mold the chocolates by hand.

That's how:

  1. Simply cut the desired amount of truffle dough and shape it with your hands or give it the characteristic shape of truffle.
  2. Then pour warm chocolate into the palm of your hand and roll the truffles into it until they are completely enclosed by a thin layer of chocolate.
  3. Let it dry and repeat.
  4. total three layers of chocolate apply gradually
  5. After the third coating, the chocolates are rolled in a bowl of cocoa powder until they are completely covered with the brown chocolate powder. Let it dry again and pack it well.

Truffles are particularly popular as homemade chocolates because they are easy to produce. These three recipes are particularly easy to implement:

The basic recipe for truffles (60 pieces):

  • 300 grams of sweet and sour chocolate topping
  • 250 grams of whipped cream

Chocolate and cream form the so-called canache (also called ganache), the truffle or praline dough, which is also occasionally used to fill pralines. If you want to make chocolates yourself, you can't help it.

Then add the following ingredients according to the variety:

peanut truffles:

  • 50 grams of peanut butter
  • 50 grams of sesame

orange truffles:

  • 50 grams of butter
  • 3 tablespoons orange liqueur
  • 1 orange 5 tablespoons sugar

Calvados Truffle

  • 50 grams of butter
  • 3 tablespoons of calvados
  • 10 grams of pine nuts
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa

Then you make truffle chocolates yourself

Chop the cover and put in a bowl. Bring the cream to a boil, pour over it and stir until the chocolate layer melts.

For peanut truffles:

  1. Stir the peanut butter under the cream cover and let the dough settle at room temperature. Beat the truffle mixture with a whisk and fill in a pipe bag with a perforated nozzle.
  2. Roast sesame seeds in a fat-free pan. Remove and let cool. Sprinkle sesame on a board. Sprinkle the truffle dough in filaments over the sesame seeds and roll them up. Cut the sesame truffle sticks into pieces about 2 cm long.

For the orange truffle:

  1. Stir the butter and orange liqueur under the cream cover (basic recipe 1) and let the mixture harden at room temperature. Beat with a whisk, fill in a pastry bag with a perforated nozzle.
  2. Rinse the orange, dry, rub the peel finely. Finely chop the sugar and orange peel in the Blitzhacker. Place on a deep plate, let dry. Roll solid truffles into orange sugar.

For Calvados truffles:

  1. Stir the butter and the calvados under the cream cover (basic recipe 1) and let the mixture set at room temperature. Beat the mixture with a whisk, fill in a bag of pipes with a perforated nozzle.
  2. In small dots, sprinkle the Calvados mixture in a bowl or flat board and cool. Roast the pine nuts in a fat-free, light brown pan. Remove and let cool. Sprinkle a table with half the cocoa.
  3. Spray large dots of Calvados dough with a small tuff over cocoa. Sprinkle the truffles with the rest of the cocoa and decorate with pine nuts, beautiful in small chocolate molds.

Make stuffed chocolates yourself

juniper ganache chocolates

If you want to use hollow body shapes for your chocolates, you can also make stuffed chocolates yourself. Best of all: they just reveal their sweet secret with the first bite.

But make sure it is not a bad surprise. For example, many people do not like the liquor that fills chocolates. If you are not sure, you may choose a different type of chocolates.

That's how:

  1. Make the hollow bodies by pouring warm chocolate into the molds, knocking again so that the air bubbles disappear, and then turn the mold with a peel so that the excess chocolate can drain.
  2. Once the chocolate solidifies, scrape off the excess coverage with a spatula so that the edge of the body fits perfectly with the shape,
  3. Let solidify for about an hour and then fill. A homemade ganache, like ours, is suitable for this. juniper ganache chocolatesIt is better to fill the dough with a bag of tubing or a funnel of portions so that it is up to about 1 mm below the edge.
  4. Then seal the homemade chocolates with a layer of liquid chocolate topping, remove the excess chocolate and let the chocolates harden.

It is noted that the filled chocolates are ready by the fact that they slowly separate from the bottom of the praline mold. Then, you can easily remove the form and pack it very well as a gift. We have a good guide to give you a decorative Make a box of chocolates may.

Make crunchy chocolates yourself

Crunchy chocolates are, as the name implies, a particularly crunchy affair. And you can also make these chocolates yourself: all you need is Cornflakes or granola as desired Y mild mild chocolateSimply place the cornflakes in the layer of liquid chocolate so that it solidifies and all the cereals are well covered with chocolate. Then place the dough in small portions on a tray lined with bread with butter, let cool and harden.

Now pack your homemade chocolates very well and deliver them with pride.

Make and save chocolates yourself

Homemade chocolates with an envelope envelope several weeksIf you fill the chocolates with a fruit puree, the shelf life is reduced to a few days. So eat them very fast.

It is very different with chocolates that are filled with alcohol. Flavored vodka, for example, extends the shelf life of sweets. It is best to keep chocolates in easily sealable cans. Then they stay really delicious for a long time.

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