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Make cheese yourself: 3 important tips!

Make cheese yourself: introduction

  • From spicy to soft, from hard cheese to sliced ​​cheese – For many of us, cheese is a daily companion to our diet. However, many associate cheese with complex production and expensive prices.
  • But you can also make cheese yourself with relative ease. You don't need many ingredients or particularly complicated recipes. You can even make dairy products like whey, yogurt, or quark yourself.
  • Depending on the type of cheese, the process is basically similar, only the individual steps may vary. For the exact steps, see our instructions for cream cheese and grilled cheese.

Make cheese yourself: basic equipment

  • Cheese molds
  • Cloths
  • Large pot / kettle
  • Milk thermometer
  • Rennet ferment
  • Cheese rugs
  • Break cutter
  • Calcium chlorine

Make cheese yourself: preparation

In addition to the basic equipment, you will also need milk for yourself. cheese. For this we want you one short summary give by hand:

  • Cow milk The preferred option, especially for beginners. With cow's milk you can prepare both hard cheeses and soft cheeses.
  • Goat milk: Known for its spicy aroma that brings a touch of the Mediterranean atmosphere to your kitchen.
  • Sheep's milk: If you like it a little spicier, you can rely on sheep's milk. Feta cheese is also a good option for beginners to make cheese for the first time.

Make cheese yourself: instructions for 2 types of cheese

Make cheese yourself: 3 helpful tips

  1. Hygiene: Make sure your accessories and hands are always clean when they come into contact with cheese.
  2. Milk choice: The quality of the cheese is determined by the quality of the milk. So don't store in the wrong place, high-quality milk directly from the farmer will have a positive effect on the taste of the cheese.
  3. Follow the instructions exactly: Implement the prescribed steps 1 to 1 and do not vary, especially when it comes to time and temperature.

All the details about Plain yogurt Y Whey You arrived here We also offer you a detailed description of various types of cheese.

If you want to talk to others about rennet, calcium chloride and other cheese production terms, take a look at our BRIGITTE community finished.

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