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Breakfast for Valentine: romantic ideas with heart

Is it over after dinner with candles? Not with these delicious ideas for breakfast. Valentine's DayAfter a long romantic night, there is nothing better than a breakfast prepared with love, of course, preferably heart-shaped.

Sweet braid hearts

Heart fruit salad

Does your loved one pay attention to healthy eating? Then you will surely be happy if you serve the fruit salad in a heart-shaped bowl on Valentine's Day.

Sweet particle with a strawberry heart

Have you ever paid attention? If you divide the strawberries in half, they are heart-shaped and, therefore, are the perfect fruit for Valentine's breakfast. Even more romantic: bake the strawberry in a sweet piece. The recipe is available on the blog. "The rookie chef",

heart of melon

Watermelon pulp is easy to cut. And it's easy to cut hearts with cookie sheets.

cinnamon roll hearts

Your love is a love? Then you will surely be happy with the heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast: simply roll the snails starting from the center to both edges. Recipes for cinnamon rolls we also have …

tomato heart

Sometimes it is so easy to make a loved one happy: buy mini Roma tomatoes, cut them in half and heart-shaped twigs. A toothpick not only keeps the two halves together, but with a little paper, it becomes Cupid's feathered arrow. A sweet idea for that breakfast On Valentine's Day, it's ready in seconds!

heart bacon

Does your loved one love bacon and eggs? Then serve your favorite food on Valentine's Day in a romantic way: cover the heart-shaped bacon slices in the pan, fry and serve on scrambled eggs.

heart toast

Did you forget Valentine's day? Don't worry With just two cuts, you can turn a slice of toast into a heart: just separate the lower left and right corners. Now just spread it with your loved one's favorite jam (red?) And then quickly bring it to bed …


A bright surprise for all who love it wholeheartedly: a bouquet of bacon roses! You can see how it is done step by step ourbestbites.com,

sausages heart

The boy in man is certainly happy with a heart made of mini sausages. They are made as fast as the tomato hearts above: simply cut the sausages in half at an angle, turn the half 90 degrees and skewer the two halves with a cocktail picker.

Toast with a heart

You need some skill to make a toast with a heart: cut a heart-shaped hole in a slice of toast with a sharp knife and roast it in a pan. Then slide an egg and slowly finish roasting and fried egg.

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