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20 tips for the perfect pasta

Tip 1: You need a large saucepan for pasta: always cook pasta with one liter of water for every 100 grams of pasta.

Tip 2: Expect around 100 grams per person. Noodles.

Tip 3: The fastest way to boil water in a kettle – this not only saves time but also energy! Pour the boiling water into the pot and salt.

Tip 4: There is a lot of salt in the pasta water, about a teaspoon per liter of water.

Tip 5: There is no oil in the pasta water – this wets the surface of the pasta, they can sauce It no longer absorbs well.

Tip 6: Do not put pasta in the water until it boils gently.

Tip 7: If the spaghetti sticks out of the water, use a spatula to gently push it under the water as soon as it has softened a bit.

Tip 8: Do not put the lid firmly on the pasta pot, otherwise the water will boil easily.

Tip 9: Stir occasionally to prevent the paste from sticking. Then store the oil in the pasta water.

Tip 10: The noodles should have a bite when you take them off the stove; they cook a little after pouring.

Tip 11: Provide a strainer or colander in time so you can pour the noodles when they're ready; otherwise they will overcook while you are still stirring in the closet.

Tip 12: The sauce must be ready before the pasta: the sauce can be kept warm without loss of quality, the pasta cannot!

Tip 13: Don't scare the pasta – this will remove the starch from the pasta and the sauce will no longer adhere properly. They also cool faster.

Tip 14: Put a little cooking water in the bowl, this prevents the pasta from sticking.

Tip 15: Mix the pasta with the sauce before serving, this way they stay hot longer and do not stick.

Tip 16: An Italian saying: The guests are waiting for your pasta, not the other way around!

Tip 17: Noodles that have been spread with bronze rollers taste particularly good. This makes their surface nice and rough, so they absorb the sauce particularly well.

Tip 18: Wide pasta goes particularly well with thick, strong sauces, narrow pasta with light, liquid pasta.

Tip 19: For the pasta salad, remove the pasta so it doesn't continue.

Tip 20: You can pre-cook the pasta: just cook until they are half cooked, drain and spread. Heat in the sauce just before serving and finish cooking.

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